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The South African Medical Technology Industry Association was founded in 1985 and is the voice of the South African medical technology and in-vitro diagnostics industry.

SAMED is committed to ensuring a sustainable medical technology industry that enhances patient access to innovative solutions. We give our members a collective, objective and credible platform to engage with all stakeholders.

SAMED has grown considerably over the last few years and currently has 194 companies - local and multinational - who are involved in the manufacture, import, selling, marketing and distribution of medical technologies in South Africa.

What we do

SAMED engages policymakers, regulators, politicians, hospital groups, doctor societies, funders and international organisations. We develop and support patient-centric policies that enable people to live healthy and productive lives. We provide solutions that drive our country’s healthcare systems to improved productivity and efficiency.
SAMED has various committees that deal with:
• Regulatory policy,
• Government procurement processes, not least of which is working with government to clear their backlog payments to suppliers,
• Health economics and Reimbursement
• Small Business Support,
• Ethical Business and Marketing Practices,
• Health Policy
Importantly, SAMED has a NHI Committee that focuses on the evolution of SA’s national health insurance undertaking and how industry can contribute to its success.

We regularly hold meetings and training workshops on important matters that impact the business and sustainability of member companies.

We subscribe to the Government Gazette and tender bulletins. From these we collect and provide members with important and reliable data on a wide variety of issues so they can make informed business decisions.

Our organization presses for harmonisation of standards and regulatory requirements in the sphere of medical technology manufacture and supply. To this end we are a member of two international organisations - The Asian Harmonisation Working Party and the Global Medical Technology Alliance.

SAMED members enjoy the following benefits:
• Regular, industry-related information gathered from many local and international sources, in both the government and the private sector,
• Guidance and support on the quality, licencing and regulatory requirements for medical technologies, both abroad and locally,
• Information regarding the reimbursement of medical technologies,
• Product and tender enquiries (local and overseas) and invitations to join outbound trade delegations,
• Access to remuneration news, benefits changes and policy trends in the market.

SAMED membership comprises ordinary, association and associate members.

Our ordinary members include: multinationals, distributors, agents and local manufacturers of medical devices, medical equipment and IVD’s.

Association members include: The South African Laboratory and Diagnostic Association (SALDA), The Medical Imaging Systems Association of South Africa (MISA) and MDMSA (Medical Device Manufacturers of South Africa).
Associate members include: consultants, training providers and logistic companies operating in the medical technology industry.

The industry we represent employs more than 4000 people and encompasses more than 300,000 different medical devices used in the diagnosis, prevention, treatment and amelioration of disease and disability. These range from sticking plasters and wheel chairs through to pacemakers and replacement joints.

Our key objectives include:

Promoting a balanced harmonised policy environment

SAMED engages with policymakers, regulators, politicians, doctor societies, funders and international organisations to develop and propose patient-centred policies that enable people to live healthy and productive lives and provide solutions that significantly drive the productivity and efficiency of healthcare systems. 

SAMED is supportive of harmonization of standards and regulatory requirements within the area of medical devices manufacture and supply; and to this end is a member of two international agencies - The Asian Harmonisation Working Party (AHWP) and the Global Medical Technology Alliance (GMTA).

Demonstrating the value of innovation and medical devices

SAMED aims to promote and market the value of innovation and the Medical Device Industry. We tap into health-economic research to demonstrate the value of medical devices and organise a range of initiatives to explain the value thereof. We bring together stakeholders in order to discuss trends, issues and opportunities and each year SAMED organises an annual conference to discuss and engage with stakeholders on common topics of interest.

Providing membership services

SAMED comprises various committees dealing with a wide range of issues including regulatory, government procurement processes, reimbursement, transformation, ethics, doctor congresses and health policy. We regularly organise meetings and events that enable members to determine and shape industry positions on key issues, and we offer training and workshops on subjects such as BBBEE, regulatory standards, quality management systems, and reimbursement.

SAMED also subscribes to the government gazette and tender bulletin and collects and provides members with privileged and reliable data on a wide variety of issues thereby enabling them to make informed business decisions.

Promoting ethical principles and practices

SAMED promotes and encourages among members ethical principles and practices, and to this end has published a Code of Business Practice and is a signatory to the SA Code of Practice for Marketing of Health Products. Both codes are binding on all members. We and our members are committed to ensure that collaboration with healthcare professionals adheres to the highest ethical and professional standards.

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