south african medical device industry association
advancing innovation responsibility
ESTABLISHED in 1985, SAMED is recognised as an important player in the South African healthcare industry.

The association, which promotes, represents and safeguards the interests of the South African Medical Device and In-Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) industry, focuses on healthcare matters relevant to its members' interests.

These include providing proactive representation to relevant and appropriate stakeholders as well as encouraging ethical principles and practices within the sector.
SAMED represents the medical technology industry in South Africa
We are committed to ensuring a sustainable medical technology industry in South Africa
We are committed to encouraging ethical principles and practices
We support safe, harmonized and sustainable medical technology legislation
Our Industry's innovations improve people's lives
Medical technology enable people to live healthy and productive lives
Latest News
Latest News
National Health Act (61/2003) - Emergency Medical Services Regulations
Promotion of Access to Information Act (2/2000)
Health Professions Act (56/1974) - Rules relating to the registration by medical ...
Post Event Report - SAMED Annual Conference 2014
Latest Events
Latest Events
ISPOR Annual SA Congress - 8 and 9 September 2014
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